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Copyright registration protects your copyright work from improper use or “infringement” as well as protecting it from other copyright issues. Some examples of copyright work infringement include these unauthorized copyright issues:


  • Reprinting of your content for sale or distribution.
  • Displaying your graphic designs on the Internet.
  • Playing your recorded music at a public performance or on the air.
  • Public performance of your play without your permission.
  • Copying of your articles by students for use in their own papers or
  • Teachers copying your articles and handing them out to students.
  • Taping your live performance without your permission.
  • Other kinds of copyright issues as defined by law.

These copyright work infringement examples, and many other copyright issues, are covered by national and international copyright work laws.


Your copyright work is a valuable asset that needs to be vigorously defended against all type of copyright issues. Here are some things you can do if you find yourself being the victim of copyright work infringement or a serious copyright issue:


  1. Determine if the copyright work protection violation is an “innocent infringement” under copyright law. Innocent infringement is a copyright issue whereby the infringer did not know that the copyright work was covered by copyright protection. If this is the case, a “Cease and Desist” letter stating you are claiming copyright work protection under copyright work law should stop future copyright work infringement by the same person.

    If you discover a case of innocent copyright work infringement, examine the protected material to ensure that your copyright notice is properly displayed. It is often the case with a copyright issue that the copyright work infringement occurred because the copyright notice was either not present or it was not properly displayed.

  2. In the event of criminal copyright issue or purposeful copyright work infringement, seek professional advice in order to protect your rights under copyright law.

    Before attempting to legally enforce your copyright work protection claim, keep in mind that you can not take anyone to court for copyright work infringement unless you have legally registered your copyright. Your case will be helped a great deal if you register your works with World Copyright Center , utilizing Stamp'n'Lock TM Technology.

    If you do have a registered copyright work, you may be entitled to collect damages and legal fees for a copyright issue up to the maximum amount permitted by the country where you are bringing the copyright work legal action.

    In the U.S., you could be awarded the actual damage you suffered as a result of the copyright work protection violation plus any profits the copyright work infringer earned as a result of their copyright work law violation.
    See U.S. Code: Title 17: Section 504 for more information.


Copyright work law is confusing and copyright issues can be very complex. Why not obtain copyright work protection for your intellectual property now, by visit World Copyright Center and utilizing, for free, the Stamp'n'Lock TM system that will help you enforce your copyright work rights.

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