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World Copyright Center provides an Internet copyright application process offering Internet copyright protection tools for reinforcing intellectual property rights.

Among the Internet copyright services provided by World Copyright Center is an Internet copyright database enabling anyone to complete a copyright application, upload their protected works, and get a digital copyright registration certificate. All content is encrypted and electronically signed with a unique identifying number establishing ownership of the intellectual property. This unique type of Internet copyright database protection is called Stamp’n’LockTM. The Internet copyright application process, digital copyright certificate, and World Copyright Center’s other services are free.


World Copyright Center’s Internet copyright database service provides proof of the date and time that the digital copyright application process was completed and the content was uploaded to the Internet copyright database.

After completing the Internet copyright application and uploading content to the Internet copyright database, World Copyright Center issues a unique digital copyright certificate stamped with the date and time that the Internet copyright application was completed and the content was uploaded to the Internet copyright database. This manner of establishing a digital copyright helps prove that an earlier copy of the protected material was in the Internet copyright database should legal issues arise.

While a standard copyright application process could be conducted with the applicable government copyright registration agency in certain countries, the proof provided by storing content in this Internet copyright protection service’s copyright database is invaluable. Completing the Internet copyright application and obtaining a digital Internet copyright certificate is a great way to electronically archive and protect material.

In addition to storage and Internet copyright protection services, World Copyright Center also provides a personal web site where users can publish their works or operate a blog to share thoughts on digital copyright issues or the material that’s protected by the Internet copyright application.

Along with those unique services, there is a selection of online forums where fellow users meet to exchange messages about a wide variety of subjects related to the Internet copyright application process and other Internet copyright issues.

The benefits of using World Copyright Center’s Internet digital copyright tools includes the safety and security of being able to send protected works to others without worrying about having your digital copyright protection rights violated. The free membership to this Internet copyright web site provides the opportunity to meet online with other authors, agents and publishers.

In addition to accessing the copyright database, you can also access World Copyright Center’s online knowledgebase of tips on how to promote yourself, select an agent, and other details that will help you understand the ins and outs of Internet copyright protection.

Remember, there is absolutely no charge for using World Copyright Center’s digital copyright registration services including uploading your content to World Copyright Center’s copyright database. Find out more about digital copyright protection and other Internet copyright services supplied by World Copyright Center, by visiting World Copyright Center right now.

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