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The system is currently in Beta stages, for experimental use only. Please feel free to register and use its services, on a basic personal account.
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World Copyright Center provides you with international copyright protection. It helps you archive your creations, to publish them in a secure way, and should you need to prove copyright ownership, World Copyright Center provides you with a reliable, dependable, authentic, and trustworthy solution anytime, from anywhere.

According to world copyright laws and treaties, once you created a piece, its copyright belongs to you. In order to prove the Intellectual property indeed belongs to you, different techniques are used, such as sending the work via registered mail, and holding on to the sealed envelope, or its safekeeping with various trustees.

Copyright is a type of intellectual property and is the legal protection given to authors which protects them against unauthorized copying of their work. Copyright can be protected for a wide range of creative or artistic works, including literary works, movies, musical works, sound recordings, paintings, photographs, software, and industrial designs. For a more extensive list click here.

The vision of  World Copyright Center is to establish a virtual community for authors worldwide. The authors will be offered a multi-disciplinary platform that will support their works` life cycle. The tools provided by World Copyright Center are:

  • Stamp'n'Lock ™ - A mechanism for uploading works, their encryption, compression and time-stamp. The system time and date are synchronized with the NIST time server , which is the US government official atomic clock
  • Issue of digital certificate as proof that the work was uploaded on a specific date
  • Storage of encrypted, compressed and time-stamped files on the secured servers of  World Copyright Center
  • A unique private encryption key is issued to each author. This private key is used to encrypt the works, which can be decrypted only by the person who actually holds the private key. You can read more about Stamp'n'Lock ™ and the Private Key Encryption here
  • A personal site where you can publish your works and your thoughts. This is a very powerful publishing platform based on the world renowned WordPress
  • An Instant messaging system between members of the authors community
  • Forums where members of the authors community can exchange views and tips on numerous issues
  • Professional and accessible information for authors on an array of subjects, from how to find a literary agent to how to overcome writers block

The solution offered by  World Copyright Center to the authors community is provided with no cost for individuals and at low cost to organizations and corporations. World Copyright Center`s solution includes several components.

The author is protected threefold:

  • A certificate is generated, to prove that the work was uploaded by the author to World Copyright Center servers, on the time and date it was submitted
  • The work is kept on the server as full proof, encrypted, compressed and timestamped, utilizing our Stamp'n'Lock ™ technology
  • The work is encrypted using the author's private encryption key, so it is safe and secure from prying eyes.
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